Our Mission

To eliminate waste and pollution, and provide ethical and stable working conditions. We are committed to environmental improvements and all our business practices and production processes will be established in sustainability principles to protect our planet, people, and future. Every brand that we work with share our basic goal, and are committed to their people and the environment.

 Brands We Work With

We work with brands that offer ethically and responsibly produced items handcrafted in small batches and of high-quality. They are not only committed to the environment but are passionate about their workers. We value their ethics, sustainability, dedication, and the artisanship constantly used in their production processes.

Sustainable Production

How and who makes our products are of great importance to us. We work only with brands that value sustainability and have sustainability practices in place. They produce each item by hand, in small batches, assuring and providing proves that each piece is ethically sourced and crafted. 

 Below are some of the practices in place by us and the brands we work with

  • Reduce and/or offset their carbon emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Eliminate use of toxic chemicals and dyes
  • Reduce waste – water, electricity and more
  • Source materials from sustainable producers/suppliers
  • Use eco-friendly fabrics 
  • Use recycled materials and deadstock or upcycled fabrics
  • Use compostable and biodegradable materials
  • Produce high-quality items in small batches to minimize waste
  • Items are handmade to order
  • Hand dye garments with plants
  • Produce items via a pre-order system to avoid overproduction
  • Provide clean and safe working facilities
  • Pay employees workers living and fair wages
  • Use recycled packaging materials
  • Support green initiative organizations


We guarantee high-quality and long-lasting products that can be used and loved for a long time. The brands that we work with are dedicated to their trades and value their trades, and as a result the items that are shipped to you meet the highest quality standards. 


Each unique piece on Love, Funmi is beautifully handcrafted with love by expert artisans. They love what they do and know every intricate detail of their products, this way, each item is a masterpiece and has unique features. 

Brand Story & Ethics

Every brand on Love, Funmi has a story to be told and heard, their traditions, origins, values, and ethics. These brands are chosen because we love that they have families, friends, and communities that support them. We strongly appreciate their passions, honor, and their sustainable production processes. We are proud and honored to carry these luxurious brands on our site.

Love what you buy, protect our planet

We are passionate about conscious consumption by not overstocking but operating on small batches and made-to-order business mode. We strongly support brands that start production only after receiving customers order, you will receive high-quality and long-lasting products that can be used and loved for a long time. This aligns with our goal and mission: to eliminate waste and pollution by establishing sustainable production principles to protect our planet, people, and future.

Join us in protecting the planet and preserving the environment while providing great working conditions, one step at a time!