Adelaide C. Ecoage 

Established in 2014, the brand Adelaide C. whose signature is the innovative use of cork and other natural materials such as Pinatex and wood, combined with sustainable sports materials, which, season after season, is renewed with increasingly innovative processes. Adelaide C. has obtained all the certifications for ethical fashion (Animal Free-LAV, Fur Free Retailer and PETA) and has been selected to participate in the Showcase for emerging talents of Altaroma from 2018 to today, at Helsinki Fashion Week, World’s first fashion week 100 % Eco-sustainable. 

Bea Legami Preziosi

Bea Legami Preziosi is a universe of jewels that tells the most precious connections in life. And that is why it is represented by a heart that encloses two faces, two souls that merge in an embrace and become one, as it happens only in the most authentic connections. Each piece of jewelry is a unique handmade piece, capable of expressing the most intimate feelings of those who commission it. The best way to capture a piece of life forever.


Claudia Firenze 

Established in 1971, Claudia Firenze is well-versed in the Tuscan cultural tradition of handbag creation and manufacturing. Their bags are handmade by master craftsmen in Florence, honoring the quality and integrity of Made in Italy. Their mission is to continuously create contemporary and distinctive bags that reflect the Italian style and fashion. Claudia Firenze is also proud of their commitment to sustainability. They use only Italian leathers and their factory is powered by solar panels that allow them to reach the goal of zero emissions in the air. In fact, sustainability means a lot to them; not only do they care and respect the environment, they also care and respect people by fully complying with all ethical and social regulations.

Flashy Bags

Flashy Bags is committed to offering high-quality bags made with ethically sourced materials and responsibly produced in a conducive working environment. A union between modern ethical sensibilities and the sumptuous richness of heritage, each of their designer piece is inspired by the vibrant histories and cultures of Africa. Their bags are consciously handmade by their artisan partners in Africa, Italy, and South Korea without compromising on ethics, quality, and style.


GAIOFATTO comes from the idea of creating clothes with high social impact, aiming to become positive energy conductors through a sustainable chain, in respect of people and the environment. Michela Gaiofatto, founder and creative director of the brand followed her passion for fashion and the art of tailor-made clothing committing to create original pieces based on the values of handcraft, innovation, and passion for excellence. The result is a collection of clothing of high quality and durability, which combine the sartorial know-how with creative designs and shapes. The search of fine materials is another key element of the brand, to guarantee the best quality. Each piece is made with selected fabrics through a production process that is 100% made in Italy. GAIOFATTO’s clothes are made for independent, contemporary women who know how to highlight their femininity and search for quality, elegance, and uniqueness in every garment.

Matteo Duca

Matteo Duca founded the homonymous fashion brand in 2013. Based in Ancona in the Marche region, the brand started creating sartorial pieces, later developing a ready-to-wear clothing line, offering elegant clean silhouettes that guarantee comfort, perfect fit, and wearability. From initial sketch to the final garment, each step of the production process is carefully controlled in the brand’s atelier, to ensure the best quality and utmost attention to detail. 


Whether you are lounging around the house or taking a luxurious voyage to the top of the mountain, the piece that flows seamlessly between activities without sacrificing quality and comfort. The fearless collection is crafted in the heart of Europe, in Lithuania. From our hands to your doorstep, each soft and sublime garment is made with an unusual amount of attention to detail, and created by skilled craftsmen throughout the country. In it is everything you need to go out into the world, to be comfortable, prepared, and well-dressed. We seek to do the right thing and want to feel good about everything we create. Stepping away from mass production and bringing back a bit of ‘made with love’ belief, we are offering less impactful solutions on the earth. That is why, our designs are made of 100% recyclable and renewable resource – Merino wool. To you we offer our friendship, our love and undeniable appreciation of natural beauty. 

Miawhite Milano

Miawhite is an Italian clothing brand founded by Giuliana Mistico in 2020. Her fashion sense has been influenced by both catwalks and street style, by every woman she has met on her travels. Miawhite fabrics are selected and researched at the main fashion trade shows both in Italy (Milan) and abroad (Paris). Their garments are often seen on Italian TV, worn by journalists and sportscasters alike. Giuliana believes that women are capable of being whatever they want, and Miawhite offers a unique style that allows them to show it to the world. The message of her designs is "we women are able to be what we want, and MIAWHITE proposes a style that allows us to communicate it to those around us." She believes that every woman must feel wonderful, unique at any time in her life.

Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae was born under the assumption of no animal exploitation and focuses not only the natural and ecological materials, but also on the design, style and quality that Portuguese footwear is already recognized for. All the products we manufacture are ethical and designed for the consumer and their daily comfort. The products are only manufactured in certified factories in Portugal, where we respect our employees and do not use any product of animal origin, or that damages the environment. Moreover, we work with natural materials such as cork and pineapple leaf fibers, recycled materials such as airbags and PET - plastic bottles, and synthetic materials like ecological microfibers. 

Opificio dei Sogni

Founded by Claudio Giovannelli, together with his two sons in the 1980s, Opificio dei Sogni is a one-of-a-kind manufacturing atelier. Opificio Dei Sogni is the brand that is inspired by completely natural fabrics such as linen and cotton and that prefers the mix and match between colors and fabrics. “Contemporary & Romantic Luxury” is the expression that best describes our philosophy, a current and dreamy luxury, refined and never screamed, expressed by the continuous research on quality, on the workmanship of materials, as well as on the color palettes of garment dyeing.  

Simone Tessadori  

100% made in Italy. Simone Tessadori, born in 1992, founded his brand in 2016 and in very few seasons he managed to outline his stylistic identity in a decisive way. Simone Tessadori expresses his concept of exclusive luxury through a manic search for fine fabrics and materials, attention to detail and casual style, but with a strong character, aimed at all those women who I want to dress fashion with a strong personality. The woman who inspires the designer has a natural and innate elegance, never artificial, she is passionate about art, history, craftsmanship, she moves with grace and nonchalance, pursuing her passions and her business!